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The Software Capsules Compilation
by Total DOS Collection
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Total DOS Collection (TDC) release #13 - 13-feb-2017 You may already be familiar with TDC- the project has been ongoing for over 8 years now. We release a snapshot of the archive's state every six months. Each snapshot supersedes the previous one, as new files are added and others are subject to being renamed as typos and better game identification becomes  available. If this is your first experience with TDC, below is a list of our goals and  project guidelines.   1) We are identifying and...
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Software Library: MS-DOS Games
by The Learning Co.
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Developed by Learning Co., The Platform DOS Published by Learning Co., The Released 1990 Genre Educational, Puzzle Gameplay Platform Perspective Side view Educational History Setting Asia, China (Ancient/Imperial), Classical antiquity, Egypt (Ancient), Middle East Description As a Super Solver, your job is to recover the hidden treasures of the ancient world in 4 caverns (Greece & Rome, Egypt, India & China and Near East) to reach the fifth and final cavern where the ultimate challenge...